Products & Services

Are you tired of wasting time and gas in search of a parking spot? With our help, you can stop looking and start parking. Our parking finder app is bringing the parking industry into a new era. With ParkHappy, you can look for local parking. Search by the location, time, and date of your parking. Get insider knowledge on all the amenities offered at the local garages. Then, reserve your spot online. Instantly pay for the spot and if you need an extension, you can do it through the app. Parking has never been easier!

Do you own a parking garage or lot? We can help you too. We offer you an automated solution that can increase your revenue. Don’t let your garage get left behind when there’s so much technology at your fingertips


Street parking & Open parking lots

If you own an old parking machine that operates with just coins or works only for a specific parking time (ex. – for only two hours), you may be losing customers because of parking troubles. Increase your revenue with Parkhappy. Make it easy for drivers to find parking and get more revenue without upgrading existing parking machines.


Gated Parking lots

Parking can be inconvenient because of frustrating machines or parking garage attendants to deal with. Parkhappy provides an automated entry and exit eliminating the wait time. Beat the lines at parking machines and at entry/exit gates with Parkhappy.


Parking @ Shopping Malls

Great shopping experience begins with a convenient car parking. Make it simple and easy for your customers to find an available parking spot. Let them spend time shopping inside the mall and instead of a parking lot.


Event Parking

Hosting parking for an event is a job in itself, Extend Parkhappy services to provide your guests with an unmatched parking experience.


Residential Parking Management

Provide your apartment owners and tenants with keyless entry into the parking garage. Enable secure and easy access to the lot while providing pay per use charges for visitors.